Can World Cup 2022 Fans Drink Alcohol in the Event?

According to sources, FIFA and Anheuser-Busch have persuaded Qatari officials to relax the country’s ban on alcohol at sporting events.

Drink Alcohol

As far as we know, the discussion has been around whether or not the venues should sell Bud Light or another low-alcohol Budweiser product.

Officials in Qatar have not yet made a final judgment, but they have demonstrated a greater willingness to consider fan appeals in the meanwhile.

According to Qatar’s Supreme Committee on Delivery and Legacy, alcohol will be offered outside of stadiums and other hospitality zones during the World Cup. According to a corporate official, “Additional information will be disclosed in due time,” and the company is collaborating with FIFA and Qatari stakeholders.

The event has been marred by controversy, ranging from scheduling concerns to claims of migrant labor abuses. Men and women are obliged to cover their bodies from the shoulders to the knees in many public locations.

The decision to hold the World Cup in a Muslim country where public displays of enthusiasm, boisterousness, and drinking are prohibited has aroused controversy.

Quatar, for the most part, prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages in restaurants that are not part of a luxury hotel. Personnel from foreign nations can purchase alcoholic drinks for personal use at a Qatar Airways location outside of Doha.

The opinion of Supreme Committee Secretary-General Hassan Al Thawadi on public alcohol bans has shifted considerably since then. He stated in June that “cheap” alcoholic beverages will be offered in “fan zones” around Qatar.

The corporation that manufactures Budweiser, AB Inbev, and FIFA are requesting greater leniency from the United Nations. With the passing of the so-called Budweiser Bill in 2014, Brazilian lawmakers abolished anti-alcohol regulations.

As a consequence of prior major soccer games’ insecurity and leagues’ prohibitions or restrictions on alcohol use, they must persuade Qatari officials that alcohol can be distributed at stadiums without creating disruption.

FIFA and AB InBev said their objective is to establish a “respectful” environment while yet making alcohol available to those who want it.

Thousands of World Cup fans will camp in the desert and drink in authorized locations near Doha’s world-famous landmarks, according to Qatar’s tourism chief.

Qatar Tourism COO Berthold Trenkel stated that the administration is in discussions with “local and global entities” about establishing three 3,000-person tent camps in the desert and city.

Locals gather to watch the sun set in Al Bidda and Souq Waqif parks, and the city’s tourist director believes that fan zones will open shortly.

Qatar, the world’s first Muslim-led World Cup host country, will allow the sale of alcohol in hotels and nightclubs, as well as some stadiums and fan zones, throughout the tournament.

It is unclear whether drinking is permitted outside of designated fan zones in locations like Katara’s cultural village or the iconic Corniche coastal promenade, which hosts entertainment, live music, and food trucks. The Corniche is included in this.

For the first time, “public drunkenness and alcoholic usage in public areas are prohibited” in Islamic nations. Despite the fact that alcohol is not widely used in Qatari culture, the country welcomes individuals who choose to do so in moderation.

After a trial run with 40,000 FIFA Club World Cup supporters in Qatar in 2019, a pint of beer will cost more than £5.

Desert tent campers use comfy sweaters to remain warm instead of sleeping with air conditioning. Mr Trenkel feels that the cold weather this season would surprise onlookers.

When camping in Qatar, there is a danger of getting wet, which isn’t as beautiful as Glastonbury. Mr Trenkel forecasts rain once or twice a month for the rest of the year.

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