FIFA World Cup Standings 2022: Points Table & Team Ranking

On this page, you get the FIFA World Cup 2022 Points Table, Team Standings, Ranking and Goals in real-time updated.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Standings show the country’s rankings in the eight groups. The Standings determine which countries are going to the tournament’s knockout stage.

FIFA World Cup Standings 2022

On this page, you get the FIFA World Cup 2022 real-time standings with Tables, Points Race.

MP = Match played, W = Win, D = Draw, L = Loss, G = Goals for Goals Against, P = Points

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How does the FIFA World Cup standings system work?

On November 20, each of the 32 teams competing in the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup will begin their journey in Qatar.

But before that can happen, the teams who have already qualified need to be divided up into eight different groups. In the round-robin format of the competition, each of the four teams in each bracket will compete against one another once. When it comes to the World Cup, only the top two teams from each group advance to the next round.

However, until the draw is complete, we will not be able to proceed. This is done to ensure that the teams are placed in the appropriate groupings. It is an odd phase, but one that is of utmost significance to the overall organization of the event.

The 29 teams who qualified will be divided into four groups, with each group being determined by each team’s position in the most current FIFA Men’s World Ranking. Randomization will be used to determine which teams from each of the four pools will be placed in each of the eight groups.

The seven teams with the best qualifying records are placed in Pot 1, while the host nation, Qatar, is in slot A1.

There will be four different pots for the teams who have qualified. Teams ranked eighth through fifteenth will be placed in Pot 2, teams ranked sixteenth through twenty-third will be placed in Pot 3, and teams ranked twenty-fourth through forty-eighth will be placed in Pot 4. The first three pots will be comprised of the champions of the two intercontinental playoffs (which were both contested in June), as well as the victor of the second UEFA playoff (also played in June).

It is impossible to put two teams drawn from the same pot into the same group for the sake of maintaining fairness. Pot 1 will consist of the seven teams with the best qualifying records. They will compete against one another in the elimination round only if they make it out of their respective groups.

Since Qatar’s group does not have any of the top seven teams in the tournament, they should have an easier route to victory.


If a team wins all three games in the group stage, they receive three points; if they draw one game, they receive two points; and if they lose all three games, they receive nothing.The top two teams in each group will advance to the next round and compete against one another.

When two or more teams have the same number of points, the goal difference is considered before the number of goals scored in order to determine which team has the upper hand.