Tickets for Wales Fans Go Public after Ballot Ends

Wales fans may finally be able to purchase the remaining World Cup tickets in Qatar, putting an end to their long wait.

World Cup Tickets for Wales Fans

Tickets for the group stages and onwards are now available through the competition’s official ticketing page, after the end of voting.

The tournament has already sold 1.8 million tickets.

Now that all 32 qualifying teams have been validated, Robert Page and officials from the other participating nations have arrived in Qatar to get the tournament ready to begin.

People are discovering more about the locations, training fields, hotel options, and other facets of the event’s organization, which begins on November 21, 2017.

It’s fantastic that the fans can just go out and assess the quality of the rooms, standards, and facilities that we will soon use.

From November 21 to December 18, the Middle East will host the inaugural FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The final game will be held at the 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium.

This extended selling period, which ends on August 16 at 10 a.m. BST, is guaranteed to pique the curiosity of buyers from all around the world.

Out on your beer

This winter, alcohol will be prohibited at Wales’ World Cup matches in Qatar.

Fifa and the Muslim host country agreed that bars will be shuttered from the start of the game till the end.

For example, alcohol drinking will be prohibited at Al-Janoub Stadium during athletic events.

Beer, wine, and spirits will be available for purchase at the stadium before and after games.

“Alcohol will not be served during the game or in the stadium bowl,” a World Cup official declared. However, stadium preparations are still on, and there is talk of allowing fans to consume beer as they enter and depart the site.

The drinking laws will be set before the tournament begins on November 21 in Doha, Qatar.

Despite the limited hours that bars will be open, international hotels and the official FIFA fan zone in Al Bidda Park in the heart of the capital city will be allowed to serve alcohol.

The Qatari government is anticipated to police public drunkenness rules even in approved fan zones. There will be no alcohol everywhere.

The city will have a second site for dancing and drinking in addition to the drinking area at the Doha Golf Club, which can accommodate up to 20,000 people.

Even if there are bars open at halftime, British supporters will be aware that they are not permitted to drink in front of the pitch.

Only alcohol-free beer was available for purchase at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The hospitality areas, on the other hand, contained fully supplied bars.

The declaration comes as tournament organizers debate whether to raise the number of games for the 48-team championship in 2026.

If this plan were to be enacted, the World Cup winner would have to play EIGHT games.

The organizers are afraid that having 16 groups of three teams would lead to unofficial arrangements to ensure that both sides progress before the final game.

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