Eric Cantona’s Opinion about Qatar World Cup 2022

According to Eric Cantona, money is the only thing that matters in sports and life. Former Manchester United player David de Gea has claimed that he would not be attending the 2022 World Cup in Russia because of worker mistreatment.

Eric Cantona
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During the World Cup, Eric Cantona remarked about Qatar’s treatment of its employees, saying, “It’s all about money.”

According to Cantona, the popularity of women’s football in the United States, as well as the expanding Latino population in the country, have both contributed to the development of football in the country.

Approximately 6,500 South Asian migrant laborers have perished in Qatar since the country was crowned World Cup champion, according to the Guardian.

According to reports, the World Cup is related to migrant deaths; nevertheless, The Guardian has been criticized for publishing “clickbait” and making “incorrect accusations.” A total of more than 1 percent of the deaths were not attributable to the stadium.

“I’m not going to watch that,” the narrator states emphatically.
In his last eight seasons in the Premier League, Cantona has been widely regarded as one of the finest attacking players in the league’s history. He has also won seven league titles in that time. He also played 45 times for France, scoring 20 goals in the process.

“In order to avoid missing any of the action, I will not be watching the World Cup in Qatar on television. Everything is now crystal obvious. That, I felt, was the only environment in which everyone could achieve success.

According to him, the “meritocracy” that enabled the vast majority of participants to “save themselves and their families” was the rule rather than the exception.

On social media, the reactions to Cantona’s words have been split. He has supporters as well as detractors in the political arena. However, some people disagreed with him, while others thought he was hypocritical for not naming previous hosts.

Middle East Eye reported on Qatar’s World Cup preparations earlier this month.

After arriving at the capital, they discovered that significant portions of the city were still under construction, with migrant workers scrambling to meet impending deadlines. When the MEE team left the capital, they learned that large areas of the city were still under construction.

Qatar elicits a wide spectrum of emotions in the hearts of expats who live there. Some people believe that government labor initiatives, such as a reduction in summer working hours, have helped to improve their situation.

The mistreatment of employees by their employers continues, and those who speak up risk losing their visas if they do.

Despite the fact that he typically keeps his opinions to himself, Eric Cantona can’t help but express his displeasure with Qatar’s decision to host the 2022 World Cup in their country.

In a statement, the former France international expressed his displeasure with FIFA’s decision to award Qatar the premier event. On top of that, he brought up the issue of working conditions at the stadia.

For him, there is no such assurance in Qatar, and he believes that the decision to hold the event there was solely motivated by business interests.

Everything revolves on money, and the stadium builders are subjected to abhorrent treatment.”

Despite the tens of thousands of people who have been killed, the World Cup will be much valued. I’m not a fan of the show in any way.

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