Coca-Cola to Launch the Digital World Cup Campaign

Trustworthy source reports that Coca-Cola has launched a campaign in anticipation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The “Real Magic” marketing concept has been expanded upon in the form of a sixty-second hero video titled “Believing is Magic.”

Coca-Cola kicks off digitally driven World Cup campaign

Fans have the opportunity to collect unique stickers in both physical and digital formats thanks to a collaborative effort between Coca-Cola and Panini, the official licensed sticker book for the World Cup.

According to a blog post that was published on the website of the firm, the company is also working with retail partners to provide customers with opportunities to win stickers when shopping in-store.

In accordance with the focus that the company has on digital marketing, the “Believing is Magic” campaign includes not just three digital films on the pledges that fans make if their team is victorious but also an online hub that is intended to bring together fans from all over the world.

These shorter films will also be a part of the collection that will be released.

Since the World Cup will be held in Russia rather than Qatar, where temperatures might potentially climb, Coca-Cola has decided to launch its advertising campaign for this year much earlier than usual. Since the first recorded case of the disease, there has not been a World Cup played in the Middle East.

Since 1974, Coca-Cola has been a partner of FIFA, and since 1978, the company has been an official sponsor of the World Cup.

The potential for the sport to become more popular and widespread around the globe fills us with ecstatic anticipation. “After years of lockdown, we see it as the world’s coming out celebration,” said Brad Ross, Coca-head Cola’s of sports and entertainment marketing.

This is a big change, and everyone on the earth is pleased that life can go back to normal now that it’s happened.

Panini and Coca-Cola have reached an agreement wherein Panini will offer personalized athlete stickers branded with Coca-Cola labels in retail stores and online. This might improve the appeal of the brand among certain of its fanbases while simultaneously lowering its popularity among others.

Sticker books including memorabilia from past World Cups have been a fan favorite for a long time, but as a result of inflation, a complete collection may now cost more than one thousand dollars. The attraction of the World Cup’s one-of-a-kind packaging is boosted as a result of this.

This is the sixth year in a straight that Coca-Cola has served as the primary sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. The company has the intention of taking the trophy on a tour of the 32 nations that qualified for the tournament in the months preceding up to the competition in order to increase the visibility of its brand in international markets.

Coca-Cola will also have a digital hub up and running prior to the start of the World Cup where sports fans from all around the world will be able to make predictions, share information, and engage with one another.

During the second quarter of 2022, the Coca-Cola Company’s net sales reached $11.3 billion, representing an 11% rise over the previous quarter’s total. This is due to a new approach to marketing that focuses on attracting and maintaining customers through interactions that tie consumption to individual interests. This new strategy has been quite successful in recent years.

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