Gerard Pique: Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Club, Wife, Children

Gerard Piqué Bernabeu is your favorite footballer. Here is everything you need to know about Gerard Pique’s Net Worth, Business Ventures, Salary, Contract, Early Life, Career, Club, Wife and Children and more.

Birth Day: February 2, 1987
Age: 35 years
Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 6′ 4″
Position: Defender
Salary: 10.9 million GBP (2022)
Current team: Spain national football team and FC Barcelona (#3 / Defender)
Children: Sasha Piqué Mebarak, Milan Piqué Mebarak

Gerard Pique

Who is Gerard Piqué Bernabeu?

Gerard Piqué Bernabeu is a well-known Spanish footballer. He is also known as long time-standing defender for Barcelona FC. He had quite a thrilling career that made to Gerard Pique net worth. He is also new addition to the Spanish national team. He is considered to be one of the greatest defenders in the world.

Gerard Pique Early Life

Gerard Pique Bernabeu was born in Spain on February 2nd, 1987. His father taught him to discover his local culture in spite of his grandfather as the vice president of Barcelona FC. Gerard Pique’s fans were disappointed after Gerard Pique had opposite opinions during the Catalan own independence. Gerard Pique grew up with a firm believe in Catalan culture.

Gerard Pique began playing for the Barcelona junior team when Gerard Pique was a small kid but Gerard Pique was also offered by board of Manchester united to join their club. Gerard Piques huge wealth only got by his professional football career as Gerard Pique already belongs to a wealthy family in Spain.

Gerard Pique Career and club

Gerard Pique started his career when he was a young child. He expressed himself with Manchester United. Gerard Pique was more like a big shoot-in playground. His talent couldn’t go to dogs and he had got various contracts at a time. Gerard Pique decided to go la Liga by Real Zaragoza. However, it was only for limited durations as well as he returned to play for Manchester United.

The tour toward made Gerard Pique’s net worth started when Gerard Pique played his first-game in the Championship. The professional football player kept his magic and scored lots of goals. Gerard Pique was one of the main causes that lift Barcelona to get the Copa Del Rey award. Having various awards in his obese bag, he had won award against his ex-football club. Gerard Pique had left Manchester United for various reasons. According to report, Barcelona was not agreed to pay Gerard Pique’s demand.

Gerard Pique Wife and Children

Gerard Pique sinks in love with Shakira when he meet her in a shooting spot in the music video of world cup “Waka Waka”. He published himself in 2010 World Cup song. Gerard Pique started dating Shakira in 2011 and they got married 2012. They gave birth to two children. in 2022, Gerard Pique was caught cheating Shakira. The couple had decided to take divorce on the verge of separation.

Gerard Pique Wife and Children

They never got married again and still single. According to forbs magazine, we can check About Gerard Pique Net worth. Gerard Pique and Shakira earned huge mansion in Barcelona. This 15 million dollars mansion is located in Spain as well as Parables. It consists of three-floor and 13 acres land. Gerard Pique’s money and along with Shakira’s gaining helped them to buy such a lavish mansion.

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Net worth and Business Ventures

Gerard Pique huge net worth makes him to started Cosmos Holding. It is an investment company that creates a $3billion dollars partnership with the ongoing Tennis club. Billionaire Larry Ellison joins the company as a partner of the comos in 2018. This company had bought two clubs such as FC Andorra and Manresa. Gerard Pique net worth comes from his footballer career as well as his company business.

He has spread his career and company together with the help of hard work today. Gerard Pique net worth is $80 million dollars. The star demands a salary of $10 million. The footballer was also a part when his club won the World Cup in 2010 besides Euro Cup in Russia. Gerard Pique net worth has been the basic outcome of his hard work and perseverance as well as his honesty.

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