Italy FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Schedule, Squad, Live Stream

This summer, football fans around the globe are tuning in for the biggest event in women’s soccer: the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Italian national team, known for its passion and technical finesse, is gearing up to compete against the world’s best teams.

If you’re in Italy, you might be wondering how to watch the matches, who is on the squad, and what the schedule looks like. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This blog post will cover all you need to know to fully enjoy the tournament and support Italy’s national team.

Italy FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

Italy Women’s World Cup 2023 Schedule

DateGroupFixtureTime (CET)Location
Jul 24, 2023GItaly v Argentina09:00Eden Park
Jul 29, 2023GSweden v Italy10:30Wellington Regional Stadium
Aug 2, 2023GSouth Africa v Italy11:00Wellington Regional Stadium

Italy Women’s World Cup Squad 2023

Italy’s squad for the 2023 Women’s World Cup has been announced by Head Coach Milena Bertolini. A total of 23 players will represent the country in the tournament, with stars like Cristiana Girelli, who is the team’s captain and top scorer, and Barbara Bonansea, a vital player in Italy’s attack.

GKLaura Giuliani3048Italy AC Milan
GKRachele Baldi281Italy Fiorentina
GKFrancesca Durante266Italy Inter Milan
DFBenedetta Orsi236Italy Sassuolo
DFLucia Di Guglielmo2612Italy Roma
DFElena Linari2987Italy Roma
DFElisa Bartoli3285Italy Roma
DFLisa Boattin2649Italy Juventus
DFMartina Lenzini2419Italy Juventus
DFCecilia Salvai2944Italy Juventus
MFEmma Severini200Italy Fiorentina
MFManuela Giugliano2566Italy Roma
MFGiulia Dragoni160Spain Barcelona
MFArianna Caruso2331Italy Juventus
MFGiada Greggi239Italy Roma
MFValentina Cernoia3275Italy Juventus
FWSofia Cantore2313Italy Juventus
FWBarbara Bonansea3290Italy Juventus
FWValentina Giacinti2962Italy Roma
FWCristiana Girelli (captain)33103Italy Juventus
FWBenedetta Glionna2315Italy Roma
FWChiara Beccari181Italy Como
FWAnnamaria Serturini2520Italy Roma

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Italy FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 TV Channel & Rights

The matches will be broadcast on the national television channels Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, and Rai Sport. RAI, Italy’s national public broadcasting company, will be the primary provider for all of the FIFA Women’s World Cup coverage in the country.

Whether you’re tuning in for live matches, highlights, or player interviews, these channels will be your destination for comprehensive coverage of the tournament.

How to Stream Women’s World Cup 2023 from Outside of Italy?

If you’re an Italian living abroad or just a fan of Italy’s national team, you may find that international copyright laws prevent you from accessing RAI’s coverage.

However, there is a workaround. By using a VPN, you can change your location to Italy and access the broadcasts just like you would if you were back home.

ExpressVPN is a highly recommended choice for its ease of use and reliability.

How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup in Italy?

In addition to watching the games on TV, RAI also provides online streams through its RAIPlay platform.

With RAIPlay, you can catch all 64 matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup on your computer or mobile device.

This makes it easy to keep up with the tournament even if you’re on the go.

Can I Watch Soccer World Cup Free in Italy?

Yes, you can! RAI is a public broadcasting company, which means its coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be available for free to viewers in Italy.

All you need is a TV for traditional broadcasts or an internet connection for streaming via RAIPlay.

As we all gear up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, this blog will keep you updated with all the latest news, scores, and highlights.

So, whether you’re in Italy or anywhere else around the world, be sure to follow along as we cheer on our Squadra Azzurra in their pursuit of World Cup glory!

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