Christian Pulisic: Net Worth, Salary, Girl Friend, Jersey, Sister

Christian Pulisic is your favorite soccer player. Here is everything you need to know about Christian Pulisic Net Worth, Salary, Girl Friend, Jersey, Sister, Injury, Fun fact and more.

Christian Pulisic

Full Name: Christian Mate Pulisic
Birth Day: September 18, 1998
Age: 23
Place of birth: Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.77 m)
Position: Attacking midfielder, winger
Education: Hershey high school
Parents: Mark Pulisic (father), Kelley Pulisic (mother)
Sister: Devyn Pulisic

Who is Christian Pulisic?

Christian Pulisic, we all know him as an American football player but we don’t know few interesting fact about him. Christian Pulisic was born in USA a 1998 September 18th.

His first name is Christian mate then Pulisic. He is 69 kg and 23 year’s handsome as well as charming football player in earth. His position in ground is midfielder and attacker. Christian Pulisic is well known of his female fan for his arduous face. He is good at balancing both feet in playground.

Is Christian Pulisic top earning football player?

As a popular player, he is most expensive to hire or buy. He is charging huge amount of money to club owner. Christian Pulisic had sign a contract paper with Chelsea club in 2018. Our source had revealed the amount to contract. It is nearly 8.96 $ million dollars yearly.

All bonus and utilities included to 8.96$ million dollars. Furthermore, he earns 5$ million dollars from sponsorship or endorsements. He had 6 year contract with Chelsea which estimate earning of Christian Pulisic is 72.78$ million dollars. He is brand ambassador of puma, Hershey’s, E.A a sports and many more company.

Is Christian Pulisic dating with girlfriend?

There are various gossips about Christian Pulisic and his love relations. People are frequently asking the question to Google that who is girl friend of Christian Pulisic. We have answer for people to know that. According to record, Christian Pulisic is now single and he is love to remains single. Christian Pulisic is not publically date anyone.

He keeps his personal information remains quiet. Few days ago, an American reporter has asked about his love life but he is not willing to give the answer at last of the interview, he told the reporter to wait and see.

What is the jersey number of Christian Pulisic?

Christian Pulisic is doing well in his career. He has played in big number of club. He is making this position with his hard work. Every player is known by their jersey. Christian Pulisic has kept sign in this matter. Christian Pulisic had played in Chelsea FC and Bo Russia Dortmund club.

When he is playing in Chelsea, his jersey number was 10. Before joining Chelsea, he was authorized player of Bo Russia Dortmund club. His jersey number was serially U14, U15, U16, U17, U20 and U24. Christian Pulisic is also selling his own sign jersey. Fans are greedy to buy this beloved touched jersey.

Has Christian Pulisic beautiful sister?

Christian Pulisic has a beautiful sister who is known as Devyn Pulisic. Devyn is very fond of her brother Christian Pulisic. She is very supportive of his career and keeps patronizing to her brother when Christian is playing his match.

Christian always helps her sister to promote her business. Christian has one younger brother. Devyn Pulisic taught her little brother horse riding, which he enjoys occasionally. The brother-sister dual makes sure that they are together during holidays and each other birthdays.

Christian Pulisic sister Devyn Pulisic

They are very expressive about how they feel about each other via their social media post. Devyn Pulisic and Christian Pulisic during Devyn’s birthday in 2020 both are celebrating birthday.

Their social media also we can see that they are in their home town during Christmas and other holidays, of which they keep on posting pictures on their social media, giving us major brother sister aim. Christian has kept his life quite private and has not revealed who he is dating or who are his girlfriend but Devyn and Ben have been dating for quite long time.

Their relations started back in August 2018, and it’s about to be 4 years that they are dating. They love spending time together and enjoy each other company. They are seen spending times on vacations together and also enjoying horse riding.

Major injury of Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic had affected by Corona virus 2021. His fan and well-wisher had been praying for was really shocking news for sports lover. Christian Pulisic also had major Muscle Injury. He was admitted 12 days in hospital.

After release from hospital, he is doing well. Christian pulisic had stayed 14 days in Quarantine. He was feeling mentally depress and he got proper treatment when he affected by covid.

Christian pulisic had Hamstring Injury when he was planning under Chelsea. After 2 hours horrific surgery, he cure from it .he has a Calf Strain in Aug 1, 2020. Usually his fan thinks that how can a player make goal with such injury.

Christian pulisic had lots of injury; if i will reveal it audience will be worried about him. No one can play well with such Muscle bruise.

Christian Pulisic Net worth

Christian Pulisic is recorded to earn $188,000 a week for the duration of his contract with Chelsea. This is declared to run until 2024. Christian Pulisic earns estimated $10m every year from his Chelsea club contract alone. His five-year deal with the Blues is worth $49m in total. Most footballers also Deal with appearance-related bonuses.

His contract is likely to yield an even higher reward – as long as he performs well. He is one of the top earners at Stamford Bridge along with Timo Werner and Kepa Arrizabalaga

Christian Pulisic Social Media Profiles

Fun fact about Christian pulisic

One upon a time Christian Pulisic had gone for a boat trip. Christian Pulisic decided to play football on the boat and he started to show his skill on board. Suddenly north air has blown and Christian Pulisic had fall down in lake. As you know, people are always seeking interesting video around. One fan has captured the fall down moment of Christian Pulisic and upload it social media.

This video has gone viral. Christian Pulisic had shy about this incidents. On the other hand Christian Pulisic has a shyness nature. When his father sits to watch his match, he (Christian Pulisic) feels nervous about his father. Christian Pulisic is still playing well for his fan.

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