How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Roku

In November, the FIFA World Cup will start to happen. Football players are preparing for an important game. Meanwhile, fans are reserving their options to follow the festivity. If you are using Roku, you will need to read this until finish.

FIFA World Cup 2022 on Roku

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022

Now is the moment to think about FIFA 2022. Are you prepared? Beginning on November 21, 2022, this article will teach how to watch the FIFA World Cup on Roku.

FOX owns the rights to broadcast the 2022 World Cup in English. FOX Sports will broadcast the event on many platforms, including FS1, FOX, and others. The majority of games will be shown on FS1, while the finest English-language contests will be on FOX.

This year, Telemundo, NBCUniverso, and NBC Sports Network will air the games in Spanish.

The FIFA World Cup will be held in 2022, as expected. Then, learn how to see the Super Bowl on a Roku-enabled television.

Fox Sports will broadcast the 2022 World Cup in the English language. Fox Sports is not a unique channel, but rather a brand name used by FOX, FS1, and other networks. FOX will broadcast the vast bulk of the action, including the top matches. Telemundo, NBC Universo, and NBCSN all offer content in Spanish.

If you are using a Roku or another streaming device to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup, you have a variety of options:


When you watch the 2022 World Cup on your own computer, you won’t have to be concerned about anything. Compared to the normal bundles of satellite and cable TV services, DIRECTV Stream is a more cost-effective option.

Sling TV

Sling TV users who want to watch the World Cup will require an antenna in addition to their subscription in order to do so. Users who subscribe to Sling TV can get access to live feeds from NBCUniversal, FS1, and NBCSN.

YouTube TV

It is possible to watch the World Cup without having to pay for a cable subscription by using YouTube TV. This service provides access to FOX, FS1, Telemundo, NBC Universal, and NBCSN.

Hulu+ Live TV

The subscription to the slim bundle provides live TV as well as on-demand access to several of the most popular shows that are available on Hulu. Your subscription to Hulu Plus Live TV allows you access to the on-demand content that is available through Hulu Plus. Using this live TV streaming service, you will be able to view programming from FOX, FS1, Telemundo, and NBCSN.


It should not come as a surprise that FuboTV is included on this list given that it was first conceived of as a streaming service for soccer. Despite the fact that it has been around for some time, fans of sports, particularly those who appreciate soccer, ought to look into it. FS1, Telemundo, NBC Universo, and NBCSN are just some of the channels that can be accessed through the use of fuboTV.

Follow these steps once you have chosen which streaming providers will make it possible for you to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup live.

We will use Hulu as an example of the guide

Hulu is a great video streaming service that can be accessed on a broad variety of different electronic gadgets. Streaming may be done from a personal computer, mobile device, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 console.

You need to sign up for Hulu and get your account activated before continuing with this process. The following steps need to be taken on Roku in order to add and activate Hulu:

  • Get your Roku, then hit Home Button.
  • In the Home Screen, choose Roku channel store
  • Find Hulu channel
  • Select Add the channel
  • Open Hulu
  • Note the activation code shown in the screen
  • From your device, go to Then paste the code
  • Sign up using your credentials.
  • On Roku, choose the channel to watch FIFA World Cup 2022.


There you have it! It is easy to set up your watching option on Roku, isn’t it? All you need to do is to follow the steps above and you will nail it.

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