2022 FIFA World Cup on Xfinity TV: Channel No., TV Plan, Cost

World Cup 2022 is around the corner. And if you are one of the avid soccer fans, you will not want to miss this too. For fans of the beautiful game, Xfinity TV is a fantastic platform for viewing live soccer in a variety of ways.

Discover more about X1, Xfinity Stream, and the overall user experience. Hence, we hope you will have consideration for World Cup 2022 viewing option.

FIFA World Cup on Xfinity TV

What is Xfinity TV?

Comcast Cable is available in 36 U.S. states as well as Canada. It is both live and recorded for later viewing. Comcast has partnerships with services like Netflix and Hulu.

To obtain soccer programming on your Xfinity X1 device, simply say “Soccer” or “Muéstrame ftbol” into the English-Spanish Xfinity Voice Remote. X1 subscribers get access to live games, their favorite teams, on-demand replays, and major league news and highlights.

Prior to the start of big events, Xfinity customers may get notifications on their televisions or mobile devices. Highlights and recaps from their favorite teams may be delivered to them whenever they want. Users may get team-wide statistics and match reports via the X1 Sports app.

You’ll find out about it through talking about the “Sports App.”

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup on Xfinity?

YES, you can.

What channel is the World Cup on Xfinity?

Soccer fans may watch live matches on FOX Sports 1, FS2, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes, Universo, and Univision.

Xfinity TV packages, Cost, Offer & Features

Several sports and entertainment channels are included in the Xfinity Sports and Entertainment bundle.

You can begin with a basic Xfinity Cable bundle and later upgrade. The vast majority of Xfinity packages feature live TV as well as the ability to stream any Xfinity On Demand video.

Xfinity Stream has a massive library of on-demand videos. Streaming video services such as Netflix and Hulu are supported.

With 125 channels included, Xfinity’s $49.99 per month base rate is a terrific deal.

You must pay $14.50 a month + $7.50 per TV box if you want all of the aforementioned Xfinity TV services. A standard set-top box is necessary before purchasing an X1. Depending on the requested volume, monthly DVR storage prices might range from free to $20. Local sports and broadcasts may increase your monthly bill by $69 or more.

The Xfinity cable arrangement is helpful. Memberships are typically issued for one year, after which the member must decide whether to renew or discontinue their membership. The contract may save you $20 to $30 per month during the first year, but if you maintain service after the contract expires, your monthly price will climb by the same amount.

You may record your favorite shows and view them later with Xfinity TV. Although it costs at least $10 per month, the X1 is more than simply a DVR. With its remote, you can operate your TV, Wi-Fi, home security system, and even your phone. Xfinity Internet offers a similar experience to Amazon Echo.
Customers that bundle their internet, phone, home security, and television services with Xfinity may be able to save money.

For World Cup viewers who speak many languages, Xfinity offers an “unbeatable viewing experience.”

Menus, voice commands, and on-screen text for the Xfinity X1 are accessible in English and Spanish. FOX and Telemundo both give live coverage. Replays of whole games, highlights, live statistics, and information on individual players and teams are all available on Xfinity TV.

Users may now receive push notifications on their mobile devices whenever their favourite team hits the field.

The World Cup Home package from Xfinity TV features over 1,000 hours of live soccer games, highlights, and replays from Telemundo and FOX, as well as scores, stats, and statistics. The World Cup Home broadcast on X1 is available in both English and Spanish. Say “soccer,” “World Cup,” or “Copa Mundial” into the X1 Voice Remote to activate the function.

Sports Voice Control is available to X1 subscribers via their voice-activated remote. Viewers may use voice search to get specific information about a team, a game, or any other topic. Simply type “Mexico against Germany” or “Mexico vs Alemania” to get results in either language.

Over four million people have downloaded the X1 Sports app in order to record and replay the World Cup. The game and real-time statistics are shown on the same screen.

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