FIFA World Cup awards: Everything you need to know

Every two years, the FIFA Club World Cup is held. FIFA is the body in charge of football all around the world. The FIFA Club World Cup was held for the first time that year. Between 2001 and 2004, it was not conducted due to a variety of factors, including FIFA’s corporate partner going bankrupt.

The FIFA Club World Championship resumed in 2005, with a new moniker that featured the Toyota Cup in 2006.

In a single-elimination competition, the champion of the host country’s league competes against the winners of the leagues in Asia (AFC), Africa (CAF), North America (CONCACAF), South America (Copa Libertadores), Oceania (OFC), and Europe (OFC).

At the conclusion of each FIFA World Cup, the top players and teams are recognized. Barcelona, the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup winner, dominated the awards ceremony. FIFA has awarded Barcelona two Fair Play Trophies. Messi and Rooney are the only players who have received both trophies. Messi has two Golden Balls and two Most Valuable Player accolades to his name. Denilson scored the most points in a game. He managed to score four goals in 2009.

Every World Cup, the “Golden Boot” and “Golden Ball” have been awarded. Following each World Cup, FIFA also bestows additional, less notable accolades. Cash rewards can be won by anyone or any number of teams.

FIFA World Cup awards

List of FIFA World Cup Awards

  • Golden Ball Winners – for the best player
  • Golden Boot Winners – for the top goal scorer
  • Golden Glove Award – for best goalkeeper
  • Best Young Player – for best player under 21 years
  • Fair Play Trophy – for the team with the best record of fair play
  • Most Entertaining Team Award – for the team that has entertained the public the most
  • All-Star Team – the best players of the tournament.

Medals will also be awarded to the third-, second-, and first-place teams.

Golden Ball

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is shown wearing a jersey with the insignia of the group in charge of the FIFA Club World Cup. At the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup, Wayne Rooney won both the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball. Lionel Messi achieved the same feat as Rooney in 2011, tying him.

Lionel Messi is the only player in history to have won two Golden Balls and been selected the Final Match’s Most Valuable Player.

Messi is presented with two Golden Balls. Nobody has ever won both the Silver and Bronze Balls. In Brazil, there are four Golden Balls. With three Silver Balls, they currently hold the record. In truth, both Brazil and Argentina have three bronze balls. Only Cristian Bolaos, Dioko Kaluyituka, and Mouhcine Iajour have won a Silver or Bronze Ball for a club that is not located in Europe or South America.

Golden Boot

The Golden Boot is awarded to the FIFA Club World Cup player who scores the most goals. When goals or points are not used to determine the winner, the player with the most assists is considered to have won (with the FIFA Technical Study Group deciding whether an assist is to be counted as such). If there are still players, the one with the least amount of talent will win.

In the FIFA Club World Cup, César Delgado scored five goals. Denilson has scored more goals in the FIFA Club World Cup than any other player in the tournament’s history. He scored four goals this season. Brazil has received six Golden Boot trophies, which are significant. Only Mouhcine Iajour, Hisato Sat, Mohammed Noor, Mohamed Aboutreika, and Alvaro Saborio are neither European or South American.

FIFA Fair Play Trophy

The FIFA Fair Play Trophy is awarded to the Club World Cup side that has played the most fairly during the competition. The winner team receives the FIFA Fair Play Trophy, a certificate, medals for all players and officials, and $50,000 in youth development football equipment.

FC Barcelona has three Fair Play Trophy victories. Clubs from Spain and Mexico have each won two FIFA Fair Play Trophies.

Most Valuable Player of the Final Match Trophy

Rogério Ceni was named Most Valuable Player in the Final Match of the 2005 FIFA Club World Cup, which was hosted in Japan. Finally, the FIFA Technical Study Group will select the winner. The winner will receive a Toyota.

Messi is the only player who has won the championship twice.

Three Brazilians have advanced to the championship round. Only Deco, the loser, triumphs.

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