Lionel Messi Reveals his World Cup Favorites

Lionel Messi has picked his favorites to be crowned winners of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The PSG striker’s list includes South American rivals Brazil and Argentina’s historical rivals, England. He also said 2018 World Cup winners France cannot be dismissed as one of the favorites who, if they were to repeat their success in Russia, would become the third international side to win back-to-back World Cup’s after Italy (1934 and 1938) and Brazil (1958 and 1962)

Lionel Messi Reveals his World Cup Favorites

“Generally, the big teams are the candidates. But if I have to pick one [team] above the rest, I think Brazil, France and England, today they are a little bit above the rest”, said the ‘ten’.

Having said that, Argentina’s all-time top goal scorer did explain that “anything can happen” at the World Cup, highlighting the often-unpredictable nature of the tournament.

Having won the latest edition of Copa America, in which Argentina defeated Brazil in the final thanks to a goal from Angel di Maria, Messi now has his eyes set on winning the World Cup, which is the one trophy that has eluded him in his decorated career.

Argentina begin their campaign against Saudia Arabia in Group C on November 22.

Lionel Messi’s abilities are well-known at this time. He is now one of the best players in the world, capable of competing at the greatest level for his club or his country.

Despite a tough first season, Messi is now an essential element of the PSG squad. La Pulga has only played 19 games this season, yet they have 12 goals and 14 assists.

Even though Messi is in the best shape of his life right now, he will most certainly purchase a new pair of sneakers in the near future. The Barcelona players’ manager cannot foretell the outcome of this choice.

“I’ve always loved soccer and plan to keep playing for as long as I can. Even if I have no idea how to improve, I will continue to participate in the sport. The more I think about it, the less likely it is that I will play for an extended length of time.” Messi mentioned that, according to an English sports newspaper.

“Many of the recent events have come as a surprise to me. I’ve wanted to play professional soccer in Argentina since I was a child. However, there are multiple interconnected aspects at the moment.

My mother, father, and three children make up my family. My life, as well as the lives of others I care about, have endured enormous changes. I feel entirely different now that I’ve moved on “lift him up.

Argentina’s national team, headed by Lionel Messi, is in a group with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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