How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in France

Many French people like watching sports on television at home or at a pub. Because France is famed for its love of football, it should come as no surprise that there are television stations that only show athletic events. The 2022 FIFA World Cup may be seen in a number of ways in France, which is a beneficial trend.

 watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in France

What channel to choose to watch 2022 FIFA World Cup In France?

Since the FIFA World Cup will be shown on French television soon and the action will begin soon, every soccer fan in France wants to know how to watch it.

Even if France is a wonderful place to visit, it may be tough to find good WiFi and watch the World Cup in real time with a group of friends. France will host the World Cup this year. Here is the option in France where you may watch the World Cup.

TF1 Channel

The TF1 Group owns and operates the French television network TF1. It has been in operation since 1954, making it one of France’s oldest television networks. TF1 is an abbreviation for “Télévision Française 1re,” which translates as “French Television First.” TF1 has always been at the forefront of news, sports, and entertainment programming production. With an average of six million people every day, it is France’s most watched television network.

The TF1 company owns and manages Europe 1, France’s oldest radio station, as well as TF1, the country’s largest commercial television network. As part of the TF1 group, TF1 SA, M6 Group, and SBS Broadcasting Group all run TV networks. The TF1 group is made up of three main companies (TV channels). TF1 will show all World Cup matches live from the stadiums due to its exclusive broadcasting rights. The FIFA World Cup will be televised live in France on TF1.

The good thing about this option is that it is a free-to-air service. Therefore, there is no need to spend money to enjoy the service from your convenient place. You just need to prepare a compatible device to use the service.

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This year, there is no better way to spend time with loved ones than by watching the FIFA World Cup together. After then, I finished writing on the 2022 FIFA World Cup in France. Follow the FIFA World Cup in France with this guide and cheer on your favorite team with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is the watching option available on Tablet or smartphone?

You can watch the sporting events including World Cup 2022 in your tablet or smartphone using the app called MYTF1. It is an official app provided by TF1. Use the credentials to get access to the service. Since TF1 is a free-to-air service, you won’t need to spend a single dime to enjoy it.

Can I use the channel for free in France?

TF1 TV is a free-to-air channel which offers high quality of online streaming. Its exclusive app, MYTF1, is compatible with various mobile devices. Consider to check its official page for further information.

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