How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Thailand

FIFA World Cup 2022 is a crucial event for all sports lovers. If you are in Thailand, you will also don’t want to miss this. Here we are going to share you the way to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Thailand.

FIFA World Cup 2022 in Thailand: Date and time

Sun, Nov 20, 2022 – Sun, Dec 18, 2022

The starting time of the first match is at 11 PM ICT+7. therefore, the matches time and date will be different. Check the full schedule here.

The time differences may apply.

 Watch FIFA World Cup in Thailand

Which channel can I Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Thailand?

Thailand: TrueVisions, Channel 5, and Amarin TV have the 2022 Qatar World Cup rights.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, will be broadcast in Thailand on TrueVisions, Channel 5, and Amarin TV.

TrueVisions is a Thai firm that offers cable and satellite television services to its customers. The True Corporation owns the company that is known as TrueVisions. Formerly known as the United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), this organization was also referred to as UBC-True at various points in time.

The 25th of January, 1958 saw the launch of Channel 5, a free-to-air television network in Thailand. The Royal Thai Army is in charge of running it. The majority of people refer to it as Thai TV5 or simply TV5, despite the fact that its official name is Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station.

Amarin TV is a terrestrial digital television channel in Thailand. It is operated by Amarin Television Co., Ltd., which is a department of Amarin Printing & Publishing PCL, which is a subsidiary of the TCC Group.

The television networks broadcast a wide variety of programming, including those that cover topics such as news, entertainment, lifestyle, food, and variety.

How to Watch Qatar World Cup 2022 live stream in Thailand?

You can watch Qatar World Cup 2022 live stream through TrueVisions and Channel 5. Both have services for browser users and mobile device users.

Can I watch World Cup live stream free in Thailand?

Online broadcasts of TrueVisions Thailand are available through wTVPC and may be accessed at the official page.

If you search for TrueVisions Thailand streaming TV, you will find a greater number of entertainment channels that are available for you to view without paying a subscription fee.

Channel 5 is also good option to watch for free.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 outside Thailand?

When you are out of Thailand, you may not be able to use Channel 5 and TrueVisions. It is because of the geo-restriction policy of the provider, making your device to blackout.

To bypass the restriction, consider using a good VPN service. Don’t use the free one since it is not safe. The paid VPN service is safer, better, and more worthy.

Connect to Thailand server through your VPN service, then you will be able to access Channel 5 and TrueVisions.

Congratulations! Now you’ve reserved your option to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Thailand. Consider to contact us below if you have any question or inquiry.

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