How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Germany

Do you think it’s likely that Germany will win the next Women’s World Cup tournament?

A talented squad that finished as runners-up against England in the Euros, Germany is a European powerhouse on the path to return to prominence in international competitions. Expect Germany to dominate the midfield this summer, as a potent mix of experience and young talent could carry them to the final.

In this post, we will walk you through watching options for the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup. Here is how to watch the event in Germany.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Germany: Date and time

The tournament is scheduled to take place in Australia and New Zealand from 20 July to 20 August 2023. Germany’s first game is against Morocco on 24th July 2023, set to be held at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium in Australia. Here is the Complete Schedule.

Watch Women's World Cup 2023 in Germany

Which channel can I Watch Women’s World Cup 2023 in Germany?

ARD and ZDF are airing the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Germany.

How to Watch the Women’s World Cup 2023 live stream in Germany?

You can watch the Women’s Football World Cup 2023 live stream through the LIVE TV option on the official ARD and ZDF websites. It’s free and easy to access.

ARD is a well-known European sports streaming network. It is highly regarded for its excellent production standards and extensive coverage, making it a noteworthy sports network.

ZDF is another renowned German television network with an extensive online library of sports and television programs that can be viewed from any location worldwide. This too is a great option.

Can I watch World Cup live stream free in Germany?

ARD and ZDF both are the options you’d want to take to watch Women’s World Cup 2023 for free in Germany. Below both TV Streaming services are free of cost:

How to Watch the 2023 Soccer World Cup Live Stream from Outside Germany

ZDF offers events like the Women’s World Cup 2023. Accessing this outside Germany requires a VPN. If unable to reach ZDF or ARD, set up a VPN to bypass restrictions. This can reroute your connection and change your virtual location.

Note that remote servers may slow downloads. For the Women’s World Cup 2023, use a fast VPN like ExpressVPN to avoid buffering.

If this information is useful, share it with your friends. See you at the Women’s World Cup 2023!

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