How Much for World Cup Tickets? Prices, Cost to watch matches at Qatar

Attending a World Cup game in person is the ultimate goal of any football fan who has ever entertained the thought of doing so.

In the month of November, football fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to visit a new destination on the global football map as Qatar gets ready to host the 2022 World Cup. As the first Arab nation to host the event, the country in the Middle East has pledged to put on a stunning show.

The 20th of November will mark the beginning of this tournament that will last for twelve years. After a close contest with the United States in the last round of voting, Qatar was declared the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

As soon as fans heard the announcement, one of the first concerns they asked was how they could possibly obtain tickets to the event. This article examines how that approach works as well as the costs associated with purchasing match tickets.

How much are tickets to the World Cup?

2022 FIFA World Cup Ticket Prices

Fans in Qatar were able to purchase one of four distinct categories of World Cup tickets, one of which included accessible seating for individuals with mobility impairments.

Tickets in Category 1 are the most expensive in the stadium since they are positioned in the best possible viewing sections.

The views of the game from the stadium’s Category 2 and Category 3 seating levels are not as good as those from higher-tiered sections of the stadium.

Only Qataris are okay to purchase tickets in Category 4 of the stadium.

Fans from all around the world, including those in Qatar, may purchase tickets at prices ranging from 11 to 1,607 dollars (40 to 5,850 riyals), respectively.

The pricing scheme for Qatar 2022 has been met with a variety of responses from fans. This can be attributed to the enormous price gaps that exist between the four different ticket classes.

football world cup tickets price

Prices for the World Cup’s most and least costly tickets

Because there is such a wide variety of ticket categories and games to choose from, there is almost certainly going to be a substantial price gap between the least cost and most expensive tickets.

Tickets for the opening match in Group A, which will see the hosts taking on Ecuador, may be purchased for anywhere between 200 and 2,250 riyal ($55 and $618 respectively). Other types of group matches include prices that range from 11 to 220 riyal (40 to 800 dollars) for a minimum of one participant.

The prices for games in the round of 16 range from 70 to 1,000 riyals ($19 to $275), while the prices for the semi-final and championship games range from 500 to 3,480 riyals ($137 to $956) and 300 to 1,550 riyals ($82.5 to $426), respectively.

Tickets to the championship game start at 750 riyal, which is equivalent to $206 at today’s exchange rate. In this scenario, the price of a single ticket is $1,607. There is a total of 5,850 vacant seats available.

How to get World Cup Tickets?

FIFA has stated that, depending on demand, ticket sales may continue up to the start of the competition, and that the organization’s ticket gateway still has a limited number of tickets available for purchase. However, the amount of tickets that are still available is extremely restricted.

FIFA has issued a warning to fans, stating that they should not purchase tickets from anybody other than an approved FIFA ticketing partner.

Even if you have a match ticket, you will not be permitted entry into any Qatari stadium unless you have a valid Hayya Card. Additionally, in order to attend any World Cup matches, spectators are required to register for a “Hayya (Fan ID) Card.”

Are World Cup 2022 tickets still available?

Estimates provided by FIFA place the total number of tickets purchased for Qatar 2022 at about 2.45 million (until August 2022).

Between the months of July and August, about half a million tickets were purchased, and it is anticipated that this number will climb to over 2.5 million by the time the event begins on November 20. The moment we wrote this post, the tickets were still available.

But keep in mind that these can be running out of soon because of the high demand of the tickets.

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